Research Area

Cloud and Distributed Systems Laboratory focuses on research topics for cloud and distributed systems. Cloud and Distributed Systems Laboratory is a part of School of Computer Science, Tokyo University of Technology. Here are three keywords for CDSL.
  • Cloud - Cloud becomes a common infrastructure and platform for IT system. Our focus is the systems management and operation excellence for Cloud.
  • IoT - IoT is trend for IT industry. Every sensors are connected as a part of network devices. Data is feeding into the server without any restriction. Therefore, the service side processing should be carefully considered for IoT.
  • Services - Digital self-care services for traditional labor intensive service are emerging.


Call For Papers - CCEM 2021

Call For Papers in 2021 - The Tenth edition of the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing in Emerging Markets (CCEM)

CFP - CCEM 2021

Sensor-Cloud Integration (Sensor Cloud)

Sensor Cloud is the innovative approach to get physical sensors into cloud. The concept of "virtual sensor" and "virtual sensor group" have been introduced in Sensor Cloud. The virtual sensor is a software component to realize the sensor device on cloud. The "virtual sensor group" is a group function of virtual sensors.

Additional Information

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Self-care service for Systems Management on Cloud

Our laboratory also works on research for self-care service for systems management. In Cloud, the system management is not only administrators but also cloud end-users. Automation and and self-care service are key to enable the useful service for systems management for cloud.

Message from Professor

The CDSL is a new laboratory which focuses on research studies in Cloud, IoT and Service. They are aimed to have a major impact to IT industry through research outcomes.

Tak Kushida Professor